SERP Profits – ONE Ranking Method to Beat Them ALL!

If you have been a webmaster for a couple of years, you would know that the latest set of Google updates (Panda, Penguin and lately, the Hummingbird) has resulted in thousands of business “deaths”.

This is because Google is now coming around and penalizing websites which have been using low quality backlinks in order to rank high in their search engine.

Unfortunately, most webmasters have been duped into purchasing low quality links because neither they, nor the SEO company, knew any better.

However, even with these major developments, the fundamentals of online marketing remain EXACTLY the same.

Let a 4-Year Online Marketer Veteran Help You Show ROIs of over 300% For Your Business Using a TOTALLY UNIQUE Link Building Method – GUARANTEED!

However, before we get started, let me explain why you should be listening to me in the first place.

My name is Yasir Khan and I have many successful brands operating online in different markets.

I have been able to close over $1.8 million in sales in the last 4 years alone by using extremely counter-intuitive marketing methods which have stood the test of time.

Since you would not have landed on this website if you weren’t a business owner or a webmaster, I would like to let you know about just SOME of the clients I have shown excellent results to:

- Over 8 personal injury, divorce and corporate lawyers who are now ranking at the top of Google for cut-throat keyword terms (and making a lot of money).

- 3 dentists in US and Canada who are now totally dominating their local markets by outranking ALL of their competitors and are getting atleast 80% of the pie.

- A traveling agency in the US who is now ranking at the top in Google and closing out big ticket luxury cruises.

- Some plastic surgeons, small business owners and accountants also make up some very successful clients.

I am letting you know so you understand what kind of businesses I have helped using my unique link building and marketing methods.

That being said, I do NOT use “normal” and “beaten-down” marketing methods such as:

– Directory and article submissions

– Web 2.0 properties

– Yahoo answers

– Spun content

– Press releases etc.

My method is vastly different from the majority of SEO professionals out there- guaranteed.

And yes, I have a track record of ranking brand new 2-3 page websites at the top of Google within 2-3 months, which is UNHEARD OF in the SEO market.

So what exactly is my secret method which shows better results than ALL the “other” online marketing methods out there?

Simple, I invest a huge chunk of cash in procuring extremely high PR, authoritative domains through auctions.

These domains Have cost me over $25,000 to acquire and for good reason. Nearly all these domains:

– Are PR 3 and above

– Have a domain authority of over 25

– Have a trust to and citation flow of over 20

– Have Wikipedia, CNN, BBC and/or GOV and EDU links pointing to them!

- Are in extremely good standing with Google and get crawled multiple times a week!

As you might understand (if you know how SEO works), a single homepage backlink from these domains can have a huge positive impact on your website’s rankings, which in turn affects your business.

In fact, using just 10-15 backlinks, I have had brand new websites outranking web veterans such as Wikipedia, CNN, BBC and similar sites!

If you would like to see proof of this in action, all you need to do is send me an email!

And no, just to clarify, my marketing method is not risky at all. I have used this method for over 60 clients in different markets with excellent results.

If anything, the homepage backlink method flies totally under the radar since:

–  I am just building a handful of homepage backlinks for you.

– Every single link comes from a very high reputable website which is in good standing with Google.

– The links are built over time, use a lot of anchor text variations.

- Also, every single PR domain is hosted on a different C-class IP, uses a different template and has totally unique content on it.

So there, this is the method I have used to beat Google at its own game, time and time again.

And finally, yes, this is the ONLY link building method I have come across in the last 4 years which has stood the test of time and is EXTREMELY effective.

If this intrigues you, please fill out the form on the right and I will give you a short phone call to discuss how I can help you out.


Yasir Khan